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Auf dem Foto vor Ihnen ist ein typisch "slavisches" f a c e mit
angehaengter Biographie. Bei der gemeinsamen ARBEIT auf Kino-, TV,- oder Video set koennen Sie die nicht formale "russische" Ausstrahlung nach "Stanislawskij-school" im "deutschen ARBEITSstil" haben.
...Und falls Sie zufaellig jemandem gebrauchen koennen, der ohne starken deutschen Akzent den ueblichen "russischen MAFIOSO" oder NONmafioso synchronisiert, wird mein Bariton genau das sein, was die richtige Glaubwuerdigkeit vermittelt.
(Das braucht man nicht nur in HOLLYWOOD)
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Vous avez devant vous un visage typiquement « SLAVE » ainsi que sa biographie. Le travail en commun sur les plateaux de cinema, de television ou de video vous permettra d obtenir avec moi le rayonnement « RUSS » non fourmel d apres la « STANISLAWSKIJ »
Schkola-School …

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C´est bien la pire peine
De ne savoir pourquoi,
Sans amour et sans haine,
Mon coeur a tant de peine!
Romances sans paroles, 1872

Paul Verlaine

InterFilm short film
festival & distribution 

InterFilmWostok short film festival/distribution
Minsk-BY; Kiew/Kyiv-UA; Moskau /Moscow-RU; 
representation c/o belpunkt  berlin-minsk
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I  in CIS (GUS,SNG) interfilm festival;
14,15 march 2003, k-r Pobeda

Flowers for the Lady
Sven Hain Germany 2000 08:00 min.
At a relationships beginning, its end is still unknown.
This film places the end centrally and explores its beginning.
Format: 35mm
Ring of fire
Andreas Hykade Germany 2000 15:00 min.
Two cowboys spend their days under shadowy boulders and
their nights in the dream-lands of their sexual desires.
That’s where they really let go amongst the dangerous,
breathtaking women who nearly drive them out of their minds.
Format: 35mm
Dag Mork Norway 2000 09:00 min.
The Karaoke King, Security Guard and domestic tyrant Aaron,
is having a secret affair with his neighbour's wife Vera.
Aaron's live-in girlfriend, Bianca and Vera's son Truls are given
a golden opportunity to get revenge, when Vera and Aaron
accidentally handcuff themselves to a pipe in Vera's bathroom.
Format: 35mm
Protestation II (Einspruch II)
Rolando Colla Switzerland 2001 07:00 min.
An asylum seeker receives a registered letter. He does not,
however, open it. The next day, he goes into town and buys
some methylated spirits. He then reads the letter, which
contains a deportation date. The man's imminent
departure from Switzerland is now inevitable.
Format: 35mm
Trompe L´oeil
Ingo Panke Germany 1999 04:30 min.
A worm enjoys the wonderful view from the window of his
new apartment. That is, until a piercing noise disturbs his peace...
Format: 35mm
Grey (Grijs)
Christophe Van Rompaey Belgium 1996 12:00 min.
Grey Christophe Van Rompaey Belgium 1996 35mm In a
 futuristic metropolis, the citizens work diligently. What happens
 when a man realizes one day that he has a double?
He persues him and communicates.
Format: 35mm
Paf the mosquito (Paf Le Moustique)
Jean Francois Bourrel, Jerome Calvet France 1999 05:00 min
Somewhere in Paris. A bubblegum blowing music-listener
serves as an attractive target to a mosquito.
Format: 35mm
Mark de Cloe Netherlands 1997 07:00 min.
A birds-eye view of Jean and Laura´s bed reveals the
different phases of their long term relationship.
Format: 35mm
The Last Invention (Dernière invention)
Lolo Zazar France 1998 08:00 min.
While reading the newspaper, a man is suddenly attacked
by his T.V ! He escapes to the kitchen, only to be confronted
by various aggressive household appliances and soon the
entire apartment joins the revolt against its tenant.
Format: 35mm
Carcasses and Crustations (Carcasses et Crustacés)
Zoltán Horváth Switzerland 1999 14:00 min.
A cruise liner on an icy ocean. The atmosphere in the dining
room is elegant and the sinking of the ship is certain.
What happens to the fish in the aquarium? An unusual
animation film full of drama, humour and sarcasm.
Format: 35mm
Heap of Trouble, A
Steve Sullivan Wales 2000 04:00 min.
Between contagion and mass hysteria: On an orderly
housing estate, men start behaving ecstatically.
They start a revolt against mediocrity.
Format: 35mm

II  in CIS (GUS,SNG) interfilm festival; 
23,24,25 may 2003, k-r Pobeda

Constantin Chamski France 1998 04:00 min.
A stone angel is stirred from its frozen state by the flight of a
migratory bird through a ghost town. It breaks free of the
walls and lifts itself up towards its first flight. An analogy to
societel forces and civil disobendience.
Format: 35mm
A Steeple Chasing Cow
(vache qui voulait sauter par-dessus l’église, La)
Guillaume Casset France 1998 07:18 min.
A farmer has turned his traditional farm into an hi-tech farm.
One morning everything goes hay wire when a hungry bug
starts eating away at the electronic circuits.While the hens
rebel and the robots run amock a cow takes advantage of
the confusion, and fulfills a life long dream...
Format: 35mm
Tarek Kaszim Ungarn 1996 15:00 min
A woman in her forties. Her son loves archery and
indian stories. Life has become a rhythm of habits.
The mother cooks - and drinks. The routine is broken
and the tango is danced, when she meets her ex-husband in a bar.

Format: 35 mm
Wolfgang Dinslage 2000 07:30 min.
A frog scientist, his female assistant, the frogs.
A parable of human and animal nature in the search for love.
Format: 35mm
Comtesse de Castiglione, La
David Lodge England 1999 13:30 min.
A surrealistic production inspired by the early photographic
portraits of Comtesse de Castiglione taken by Mayer
Freres in 1855. The Comtesse arises out of a magic hat
and after some strange and peculiar events vanishes again.
Format: 35mm
Help the Old
Peter Stauch Germany 1998 10:00 min.
A maid forced to endure harassment from her very sick
and bed-ridden patient, becomes accustomed to the routine.
But this will be a day that’s very different from any other.
Format: 35mm
Mes Mer
Morag Brownlie New Zealand 1998 13:00 min.
A female hologram performs a street pantomime and
sparks off a magical communication with a cafe patron.
Format: 35mm
The Well (Le Puits)
Jérome Boulbès France 1999 08:00 min.
In order to escape the hostility of a well and reach the light,
a tiny creature clings to a rising gas bubble.
Format: 35mm
Saint Inspector, The
Mike Booth England 1996 05:00 min.
Buddhas reign far away in the Himalayan mountains.
Old Buddhas need regular servicing. So the maintenance
team move in with ladders, analysis machines and measuring
instruments to give current standards a thorough checking over.
Format: 35mm

PRESSE : InterFilmWostok Word-Dokument

"ALL BELARUSIAN FILMS" catalogue III volumes feature films 1926-1983-..

All Belarusian Films
is highly recommended to those interested in the history of Belarusian and Soviet cinema as well as Belarusian culture.

The films are listed in a chronological order, the time of the end of the film production being pointed out, and in alphabetical order (within each year).
Filmography also includes the indication of the time when the film was released.
The description of each film contains: complete filmography (with the title of the film given in Russian, Belarusian and English; in some cases when English titles were given by the "Amkino", "Sovexportfilm", etc. these titles are also included);
mentioning of cases of co-productions; information about availability of the copy
(if this has not been pointed out, it means that a complete copy of the film has been preserved); genre definition (keeping to specific terms which are typical of different periods of the development of the Belarusian cinema such as an agitpropfilm - propaganda film, a historical revolutionary film, a film narrative); information about the literary sources (if the film is an adaptation);
information about film awards;
an annotation (which is objectivist and tells of the plot development without evaluating the film; the authors tried to restore the contents of the pre-ww II
films in the original variant if it was possible); fragments of publications (film
reviews, articles, books) which reflect the history of the film, the responses
to it at the time of its release and later evaluations if they are available; bibliography of unquoted materials; an illustration; a summary in English.
The filmography contains the full name of the director only, the full names of
other members of the crew are given in the index of names in the third volume
of the catalogue. If there are differences in transcribing names and surnames (of
the characters and authors) in the film captions and fragments from reviews modern orthography is used. Square brackets indicate the information authenticity of which is doubtful as indicate additional information. Only obvious mistakes and spelling slips were corrected in the fragments of the reviews. The characteristic peculiarities of the spelling of the 1920s-50s have been preserved.
The summary contains brief information concerning all the aspects of the film entry in the catalogue. Besides, the English text has additional information about the authors: the works of the leading Belarusian, Soviet and foreign film directors, actors, Belarusian scriptwriters as well as famous Belarusian writers who worked for the cinema are pointed out. Fragments from various publications are separated by ",". The wording of the original has been preserved where possible. The catalogue is, actually, the history of the Belarusian feature cinematography presented through facts. This is the first experience of this kind.

film catalogue

A Forest Tale
The Prostitute
In Big City
No Luck in Town
His Excellency
Kastus Kalinovsky
Grishka the Swine-herd
The Gentleman and a Cock
Spring Song
Four Hundred Million
Born in Flames
See You Tomorrow
The "Savoy" Hotel
The Wind in the Pines
Real Life
The Rubicon
The Trial Must Continue
The Chameleon
A little Lame Girl
Enemy´s at the Door
Height 88´5
Which One is Better?
Sunny March
Battles Ahead
Nathan Becker´s Return
The Woman
The First Platoon
The Seal of Time
Gloria Mundi
Born Twice
Who is Your Friend?
First Love
Lieutenant Kizhe
Golden Lights
Robinsons from the Polesye
Coming of Age
The Engineer Goff
New Homeland
The Ship´s Route
Late for a Date
The Dnieper in Flames
Seekers for Happiness
Beethoven´s Concerto
The Baltic Mariness
Daughter of her Country
The Mask
The Bear
The Burbot
July II
Fiery Years
The Man in Cotton-wool
My Love


The Song of Friendship
The Yanush Family
Belarusian Short Stories
Belarusian Cine-concert
The New House
Native Tunes
Konstantin Zaslonov
Skylarks Singing
Partisan´s Children
He Who Laughs Last
A Belarusian Concert
Green Lights
Mikolka the Locomotive
Maidens Have Sown Flax
Our Neighbours
A Legend of Polesye
Red Leaves
Cherish Your Happiness
The Watch Stopped At Midnight
The Girl Seeks Her Father
Treasure Your Love
A Strict Woman
Spring Thunderstorms
U-turn Ahead!
First Ordeals, part one
Man Won´t Surrender
Her 30-th Birthday
First Ordeals, part two
Stories of Youth
Little Dreamers
The Bridge
A Steel Cradle
The Street of the Younger Son
Attention! Magician in Town!
Don´t You Cry, Alyonka
The Last Harvest
Forty Minutes Before Dawn
The Third Flare
The Springs
Moscow - Genoa
Letters to Those Alive
Horned Bastion
Across the Cemetery
An Alpine Ballad
The Town of Craftspeople
My Beloved
The Bearcub Pushchik Goes to Prague
Haven´t Seen You For Ages!
A Smile
The Eastern Corridor
Day of Arrival - Day of Departure
The Trap
Stars of Calling
Sasha - Sashenka
Under An Assumed Name
I Come From Childhood
Anyuta´s Road
War Under the Roofs
Life And Ascension of Yuras Bratchik
The Day to Remember
And Nobody Else
Beside You
A Thousand Windows
Fit for Non-combatant Service
A Tenth Part of the Way
Wish You Good Luck
Ivan Makarovich
The Inscription on the Woodenframe House
The Wings of a Dragon-Fly
Steps on the Earth
Princess Lyuska´s Riverbank
Vacation in the Village
Wait For Me, Anna!
The Red Propagandist Trofim Glushkov
The Dog Vulkan and Me
Try to Attack
The Sons Go to Battle
"I, Francisk Skorina..."

t.+49 (0)172 315 01 08

White Earth
Day and Night
The Fall of the Empire
Accidental Love
The Brave Five
Hurry Up to Build a House
A Happy Man
A Black sun


Long Spans
Believe It or Not
The Life and Death of the Nobleman Chertopkhanov
A Little Task
An Inquiry
A Great Guy
The Lion´s Grave
Polonaise by Oginski
About the Carpenters
The Rudobelsk Republic
Shots from Behind the Ruins...
Over There, Across the River...

A Washington Correspondent

A Spring Fairy-tale
Alas, the Summer is Over...
The Day of My Sons
Tomorrow will be too Late...
The Kingfisher
A Golden Porch
Those Going Beyond the Horizon
Before the First Snow
After the Fair
An Endless Street
One Night Chronicle
Shots from Behind the Ruins...

A Large Spring-board
To be a Man...
We are Sure to Meet
Nothing Venture, Nothing Have
A Good Thing to do
The Dirk
A Red Agate
Parachutes on the Trees
The Bread Smells of Gunpowder


The Bronze Bird
A Great Tamer
The Great Opposition
A Merry Kaleidoscope
The Time of Her Sons
The Undiscovered Islands
The Last Summer of Childhood
Because I Love
Adventures in a Non-existent City
Sergheev is Looking for Sergheev


Alekhin the Wanderer
The Wolf Pack
Burning Daylight
Hamlet of the Schigry District
The Long Miles of War
The Swings in the Woods
The Little Sergeant
A Reliable Person
The Adventures of Buratino
A Biographical Fact


A Crown of Sonnets
A Sunday Night
The Time has Chosen Us
Only One Night
It is Easy to be Kind
The Shepherd Yanka
Between You and Me, and the Lamppost
A Tale of the Dragon on the Balcony, Kids and a Scooter
Ask Yourself
The Chaiman´s Son


In Profile and In Full Face
Meeting at the Far Meridian
I Guarantee Life
A Tale of Red Riding Hood, Continuation of the Old Fairy-Tale
Birds on the Snow
Family Circumstances
Three Joyful Shifts
A Black Birch Tree


Antonina Braghina
The White Stork is Flying
The Time has Chosen Us
Meeting at the End of the Winter
A Handful of Sunrays
The Debut
Rains All Over the Territory
A Fresh Cut
The Roadside
Let´s Have a Talk, Brother...
Last Year´s Quadrille
Starting in Motion
The Schedule for the Day After Tomorrow
Beside the Commissar


The Blue Carbuncle
The Return Day
The Savage Hunt of King Stakh
Iron Games
Equation With Three Unknown Quantities
The Ringing of the Passing Summer
Captain Liar
The Red Bicycle
Please, Send the Telegram on Credit
A Matter Dear to Your Heart
The Neighbours
The Point of Departure
Denis Korablev´s Marvellous Adventures


The Rico Brothers
Letters on the Marble
Sharing Your Pain
All the Money With the Purse
The State Border. Episode 1: We Shall Build up Our New World...
The State Border. Episode 2: The Peaceful Summer of 1921...
A Live Soul
Beyond Three Portages
A Young Little Oak Tree
A Beauty was the First to Walk While the Dew was Still on the Ground
High Water
A Feast of Lanterns
Order Yourself
A Wedding Night
The Quiet Mediocre Schoolchildren
No Third Way
The Trojan Horse


Andrei and the Evil Sorcerer
The Commander´s Daughter
His Vacation
The Only Man
A Remote Place
A Proficiency Test
People On the Swamp
Our Calling
The Sails of My Childhood
The Bartered Laughter
The Broken Nest


The Crimson Grass
The State Border. Episode 3: The Eastern Border
Let´s Get Married
In Anticipation of a Thunderstorm
The Department
A Visit to the Theatre
Personal Relations
The Testing Area
The Cat was the Beginning of Everything...
The Lands of Others


The Village of Belye Rosy
A Bus Driver
The Thing for Real Men
There Lived Pyotr
How I Was an Infant Prodigy
The End of The Indian Summer
The Unknown Song
The Burden
The Garden
The Fairy-tale of the Star Boy
The Black Castle of Olshany
This Villain Sidorov
Living on the edge; R: V.Asljuk

History of belarusian cinema

The first belarusian feature movie - "Liasnaia byl'" was made by a script of belarusian writer M. Charot and Yu. Tarych in 1926. It was soon followed by "Da zautra" (1929, dir. Yu. Tarych), "Kastus' Kalinouski" (1928, dir. U. Hardzin), "U ahni narodzhanaia" (1930, dir. U. Korsh-Sablin), "Zhanchyna" (1932, dir. Ia. Dzihan). Among belarusian writers working for cinematography and professional scriptwriters were:
P. Brouka - "Hto tvoj siabar?", 1934;
Ia. Maur - "Paleskiia rabinzony", 1935;
Z. Biadulia - "Salavej", with M. Taube, 1937;
A. Vol'ny, "U ahni narodzhany", 1930;
R. Karabec, "Dvojchy narodzhany", 1934.
In 20-30-ies belarusian studio was located in Leningrad. It was moved to Miensk and became "Belarusfilm" later. The first sound belarusian movie was "Pershy uzvod" directed by U. Korsh-Sablin in 1933. It is considered as one of the most significant films of pre-war belarusian cinematography. . The pre-war belarusian movies were having a sharp class orientation. Many of the movies were devoted to the class struggle and revolution:
"Baltyjcy", A. Fajncymer,1937;
"Adzinaccataha lipenia",Yu. Tarych, 1938;
"Vohnennyia hady", U. Korsh-Sablin, 1939.
Other movies were depicting development of soviet people in the conditions of socialist reformation of society:
"Dvojchy narodzhany", R. Karabec, 1934;
"Zalatye ahni", U. Korsh-Sablin, 1935;
"Shukal'niki shchascia", U. Korsh-Sablin, 1936;
"Shliah karablia". Yu. Tarych, 1935.
After WWII the main topic of belarusian cinematography was heroism and survival of belarusian people during the years of fascist occupation:
"Kanstancin Zaslonau", U. Korsh-Sablin,1949;
"Hadzinnik spyniusia apounac^y", M. Fihurouski, 1958;
"Praz mohilki", V. Turau, 1965;
"Ia rodam z dziacinstva", V. Turau, 1967;
"Al'pijskaia balada", B. Sciapanau, 1966;
"Idzi i hliadzi", E. Klimau, ~1985.
These movies are characterised by deep realism, well developed psychological portrets of the heroes, experiment and search for new artistic solutions.
Best belarusian movies
Since I personally do not consider myself an expert in cinematography, I shall list below belarusian movies that have won awards at the international movie festivals
Feature movies
"Dziauchynka shukae bac'ku"-
2nd festival inMar-del-Place,Argentine,1960;
2nd festival in Venice, Italy, 1965;
"Al'pijskaia balada"- Delhi, India, 1968.
"Palanez Ahinskaha"- 7th festival in Moscow,1971.
"Dzikae paliavannie karalia Staha"-
10th festival of science-fiction cinema, Paris, France, 1980;
1st festival of detective and adventure movies in
Catolica, Italy, 1980;
Los Angeles, USA, 1980; Trieste, Italy, 1980; London, UK, 1980;
Montreal, Canada, 1980; Brussels, Belgium, 1980.
"Ranica zhyccia"- 12th festival in Paris, 1962.
"Paliavannie sa starym sabakam"- Novi Sad, Yugoslavia, 1969;
"Pershyia noty"- 15th festival in Oberhauzen, 1969.
"Khatyn'. 5 km"- 16th festival in Oberhauzen, 1970.
"Praz dzesiac' hadou abo nadzei i tryvohi 10A"-
6th in Nion, France, 1974.
"Prytcha pra kola i biiasferu"- 9th Losanne, Switzerland, 1974;
Solerno, Italy, 1974.
"Vyshynia"- Rome, Italy, 1976.
"Tajna mikraakustyki"- Saloniki, Greece, 1978.
"U vajny ne zhanochy tvar"- 26th in Leipzig, GDR.
Amateur movies
"Vosen'ski eciud" - studio of the Belarusian Polytechnical Institute
(Yugoslavia, 1961)
"Bibliyateka" - studio of the Palace of Culture of Minsk Tractor Plant "Belarus"
(DDR, 1970).
"Halouny kanveer"- studio of the Palace of Culture of Minsk Tractor Plant "Belarus" (DDR, 1975).
"Saliut, Peramoha!"- youth studio of the Miensk Palace of Pioneers (DDR, 1975).
"Liliya"- studio of Miensk Auto Enterprize #5
(Bulgaria, 1978).
"Rastralianaia pesnia"- studio of Hrodna Regional Hospital
(Amsterdam, 1978).
"Berah levy, berah pravy"- studio of Navapolacak Oil Processing Plant
(Czechoslovakia, 1978).
"Dzien' iakasci"- studio of Miensk Plant of Refrigerators (Czechoslovakia, 1978).
"Berah levy, berah pravy"- studio of consorcium Belarus-kalij (Czechoslovakia, 1978).
References used in this file:
"Sovetskaia kinodramaturgiia" ("Soviet cinematography")
L.I. Belova, Moscow, 1981.
"Istoriya belorusskogo kino" ("History of belarusian cinema")
(Vol. 1-2) Minsk, 1969-1970.
"KIno sovetskoj Belorussii" ("Cinema of soviet Byelorussia")
Moscow, 1975.
"Ekran zemli belorusskoj" ("Movie screen of belarusian land")
A.V. Krasinskij, Moscow, 1973.

no woMEN in MEN´s world
film: Beta-SP, b/w, color;
time: 85 min;

language: belaruss., eng., russ.


nowomen... nowomen... foto: H. Adamtchyck

She carries in her mind 900 years of her family. Her grandmother belonged to the aristocracy, she had never altered her dresses and had kept them in a cask. Her two sisters live in Amsterdam. She inherited from her Scandinavian father two suitcases of childhood photos. Elena is one of these people who never wear a clock because of a perfect knowledge of time. In spring she brings into the house armfuls of tulips and narcissi to make garments using them. In her house hall there are two cats; the first one is on the armchair and the same one is in the mirror...


film (BETACAM SP & VHS Promo):

The TV-film "Macbeth" based on Shakespearean play of the same
name is made by a famous Belarusian film director Mikhail Ptashuk. Timing
is 1 hour 22 minutes. The theatrical performanse which laid the foundation
of the above-mentioned film is the winner of the International Theatre
Festival in Edinbourgh (England) in 1996. The film is sound - wirld in the
Belarusian language and accompanied by English subtites. No-subtitle
version is available. There is a possibility of making required film

The film of Michail Ptashuk
Michail Ptashuk - is a staging director of 9 films, a holder of awards of
International Film Festivals in England, Germany, Poland, Spain,
Yugoslavia, Czech Republic.
Director of photography Vladimir Sporyshkov
Production designer Alexander Thertovich
Editor Alexey Novik
Executive producer Anatoly Volkov
Producer Oleg Bourenkov
Adapted for the Screen by Alexey Dudarev
Director of the performance Valery Anisenko

The Cast:
Oleg Garbuz
as Macbeth
Tatjana Zhdanova
as Lady Macbeth
Tatjana Markhel
as Witch
Andrey Kovalchuk
as Banquo
Igor Sigov
as Macdoof
Dmitry Boiko
as Ross
Anatoly Kot
as The Servant
Vladimir Ivanov
as The Killer

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